Revealed: Plans for a new bridge, 106 apartments and public open space in York city centre

One visualisation of how the bridge and development will look. Images: planning documents

Plans are in to create a new bridge across the River Foss and an apartment block with more than 100 flats.

The block of flats would be built on Piccadilly and a footbridge would link the development to a new riverside garden space behind the Castle Museum.

The City of York Council plans would see three blocks built on the former Castle Mills car park site between the Travelodge hotel and Ryedale House.

A seven-storey building will be divided into two apartment blocks – one on the riverside and another facing Piccadilly. A third five storey block will also be built – and a walkway leading to the new bridge across the Foss will lie between the two buildings.

The bridge will lead to the area behind the Castle Museum, which will be turned into gardens with a cycle and footpath running to St George’s Field. There could also be a route created through castle wall to access York Castle Museum.

The Raindale Mill building behind the museum will be kept.

20 affordable flats

Crossing the new bridge
Two studio apartments, 36 one-bedroom flats and 68 two-beds will be created in the apartment blocks – including 20 affordable flats.

And shops and cafes will be created on the ground floor. The planning application says it wants to create “a dynamic urban living quarter”, “high quality housing” and “an inspiring public realm”

  • We have adopted a significant level of consideration and respect for the historic assets of the Eye of York and the York Castle.

    The bridge makes reference to York’s industrial waterways with the use of weathered steel for the main structural beams.

    The external aesthetic includes an abstract pattern of the Roman numeral for significant dates that have occurred either side of the bridge.

    The graphic MLXVII is located closer to the Castle Wall side of the bridge elevation and represents the Roman numeral for 1068, the year Clifford’s Tower was built.

Closing the car park

There will be 20 affordable flats
Money from the sale of the apartments will go towards building the new multi-storey car park at St George’s Field – which will mean the council can shut Castle car park at the base of Clifford’s Tower and turn it into public space.

The council’s plans have been developed after extensive public consultation as part of the My Castle Gateway scheme.

3 thoughts on “Revealed: Plans for a new bridge, 106 apartments and public open space in York city centre

  1. 20 ‘affordable’ flats. Marvellous. I must let all York’s homeless and sofa surfers know that their dreams are soon to be realised! Well done City of York Council for listening to your residents.

  2. Clifford’s Tower was built later than 1068 – that was the date the Baillie was built by William the Conqueror. At least they’re not trying to make out it’s linked to Oscar Wilde, like the proposed Hotel at the top Micklegate!

  3. Is someone rely extracting the Urine. 20 Affordable flats (250.000 ) plus for a rabbit hutch with little to no parking. Piccadilly is going to go from a 100 year old empty space to a Street of Large Hotels, Private Housing and basically another road, that if not thought through, just a traffic blockage at Parliament St. As for Castle Mills area, it will never get the grassed area and basically see York Castle (whats left of it, just become a Disney Wall, This was said over 2 years ago and due to Clowcil unable to sort their act out , WE YORK gets this.

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