Revealed: How a man managed to climb York Minster, sparking a major incident

Adam climbed to the top of the West End of York Minster. Photographs: Richard McDougall
13 Sep 2018 @ 7.36 pm
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The York Minster authorities are going to review their procedures after a man managed to evade security precautions and climb the cathedral.

Details have today emerged as to how the man managed to climb to the top of the building’s West End on Wednesday evening (September 12).

His actions drew a major response from the emergency services. Police closed off Duncombe Place and High Petergate, the Yorkshire Ambulance Service Hazardous Area Response Team were called out, and at least six fire crews also went to the scene.

After about three hours, trained police negotiators talked the man down safely and he was taken to hospital.

First incident for three years

Police sealed off the area round the Minster during the incident
A York Minster spokeswoman said today that the emergency services were called at about 6.35pm.

It was after the man used scaffolding attached to the cathedral in Dean’s Park to climb to the top of the West End of the cathedral.

She said:

  • As is required by law, the Minster regularly carries out inspections of its scaffolding to ensure all health and safety regulations are sufficiently met.

    This part of the Minster precinct is locked at dusk and has had scaffold erected for three years without incident.

    However we will now review all procedures in place following the events of yesterday evening.

    We would like to thank the emergency services for their excellent, swift and professional response. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those concerned.