Residents have 28 days to challenge the plan to permanently close Leeman Road

Leeman Road bisects the two sides of the National Railway Museum. Photograph © Google Street View
9 Jun 2020 @ 5.36 pm
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If you want to keep Leeman Road open, you’ve got less than a month to have your say.

A 28-day ‘objection period’ begins today (Tuesday, 9 June), and runs until midnight on Tuesday 7 July.

It comes after City of York Council applied to the Department for Transport to permanently close the road with a ‘stopping up order’, to enable the National Railway Museum (NRM) to extend their site and connect their two buildings across it.

Three councillors have urged residents to make the most of their “last chance” if they want to stop Leeman Road closing.

Holgate Ward councillors David Heaton, Rachel Melly, and Kallum Taylor say the plans have raised a range of strong concerns with residents and workers about the impact this will have on their access to and from the city centre.

‘Force a re-think’

Holgate councillors David Heaton, Rachel Melly and Kallum Taylor

According to the Labour councillors, shutting Leeman Road would force pedestrians, wheelchair users and cyclists to travel through a longer route as the development is being built.

Alternatively they could use the “pretty-but-problematic riverside route from Jubilee Terrace, which is poorly lit of an evening, too narrow even for current traffic, and regularly prone to flooding”.

Car users “would either have access via Kingsland Terrace onto a longer ‘spine road’ running through the new development or, much more significantly, only have access in and out of this area via Salisbury Road onto Water End”.

Cllr Taylor, who lives within the Leeman Road ‘island’ area, said: “After over two years of the community’s concerns being raised in workshops, consultations, meetings, and committees – on top of our ‘Keep Us Connected’ petition of over 1,600 signatures being ignored by both the NRM and CYC – this is now residents’ last chance to stop the current plans to close Leeman Road and force a re-think.”

‘A big deal’

The NRM plans to extend. This shows a view from when you come out of Marble Arch, without Leeman Road but with some public spaces

Cllr Heaton said: “The NRM and CYC have played a dangerous game to take it up to this critical point without committing to alternatives that would have dealt with some of the opposition they’ve had.

“If this leads to the stopping up order getting rejected – then forcing a review of the overall York Central plans – they’ll only have themselves to blame for not listening to the community earlier on.”

Cllr Melly said the ongoing pandemic means this isn’t at the forefront of people’s minds “so we’d urge everyone to do what they can to spread the word.

“This is a really big deal and is a decision which will impact on thousands of people for years to come.”

Residents can object to the Stopping Up Order to close Leeman Road by emailing their reasons to the DfT on or by writing to them at National Transport Casework Team, Tyneside House, Skinnerburn Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7AR. They are advised to quote the reference “NATTRAN/Y&H/S247/3854” so it is recorded properly.

12 thoughts on “Residents have 28 days to challenge the plan to permanently close Leeman Road

  1. ‘Dear Sir/madam

    I refer to your objection in relation to the above mentioned highway stopping up Order… ‘

    Get those objections in. Couldn’t be easier by e-mail. Stop this road-closing madness. I do not want to live in a city that is gridlocked every rush hour.

  2. More and more I see the madness of the city of York council. We want a thriving city not a theme park.Too many ludicrous ideas have had there air time only then gladly to be put back to how they where the closing of lendal bridge the biggest blunder comes to mind. Why oh why do nrm need this they have the tunnel connecting them already

  3. Can’t believe they are going ahead with this. It cuts the city in half. A trip from Acomb will be forced onto already congested roads. So much for air quality

  4. Very much in favour of progression for the our city but at heart of any of that should always be the the residents views who always feel the brunt, let’s hope this taken into consideration before any final decision.

  5. What about emergency services (not only police fire , ambulance, )and carers , thier journeys are going to be longer to get to patients

  6. Yet again residents who are self employed who need a vehicle for their job (plumbers, decorators, electrician’s, parcel delivery, mechanics, cleaners… the list goes on) are forgotten about and it only seems that tourists are important. Not everyone works in the town centre!!!!! And the comment by JP doesn’t take these workers into account! Also one tip in York on James Street, cars only so I’m from Acomb how do I get there when all the roads as shut or shall I just start flyour tipping it! I mean it’s getting absolutely ridiculous now!!! No thought for the residents and people who genuinely need to travel to do there job. Rant over!

    1. RE; James – All those careers obviously need a car or van. But the reason they have them isn’t solely driving into the city centre from Leeman Rd back and forth. The are other routes for vehicles if they require and even more for pedestrians and cyclists. The extra time travelling to and from the CC will be temporary and the long term benefits outweigh the short term disruption heavily.
      As far your highly important trips to the tip, you’ll have to take the scenic route.

  7. Surely this is a good idea? Encouraging people to cycle and walk to the CC from such an already central residential area.
    I agree the riverside path/cycle route needs updating and better access for wheelchair users whilst work is ongoing.
    This entire central development has a one-time opportunity to be forward thinking and beneficial for the environment, allowing every car through doesn’t allow this.

  8. What madness is going on at the moment? The greens have 4 out of 47 council seats, yet they seem to be in charge of everything.
    Closing Leeman Road, shutting Gillygate, closing down half The Groves, the temporary-yet-permanent one-way on Bishy Road. It will be gridlock, utter misery for local residents, and will result in masses of extra traffic. Residents’ opposition being ignored.
    Can we please get these clowns to understand that they do not have a democratic mandate to ruin our city.

  9. Topical another plan 2 help tourists and nothing 4 residents I remember the old railway museum it was better then I mean the new one was only open a few years and they had 2 re roof it just leave it as it is also who is going 2 pay us I presume

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