Queues for the chemist and shop window messages: 22 pictures of York city centre in lockdown

Stonegate, its new flagstones barely touched. Photographs: YorkMix
1 Apr 2020 @ 7.52 pm
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York began the new month as it finished the old – in a surreal state of semi-emptiness.

Only a few people were walking around the usually bustling streets in the city centre today (Wednesday, 1 April).

Some took advantage of the almost-traffic free state of the city to roller blade down the roads.

Coney Street

Cyclists meanwhile made the most of the newly-laid £500,000 flags on Stonegate to zip up a street without a single open shop.

Shambles was devoid of a single tourist.

Elsewhere there were good natured queues to get in to Boots on Coney Street, the Monk Bar Pharmacy, and Marks and Spencer Food Hall.

In each shop, measures were in place to ensure social distancing, and help protect frontline staff.

Almost every shop window had signs now rarely read about the shut down owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

But some windows were more creative than others, as our pictures show.

The photographs were taken at around 4pm today, while observing the social distancing rules.