Protest rally will highlight impact of bus service cutbacks on York

The incident took place on the no 13 bus
13 May 2016 @ 5.37 pm
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York Bus Forum (YBF) will stage a rally on Saturday (May 14) against the proposed cuts to bus services.

No bus cuts rally

Parliament Street

Sat May 14 @ 3pm

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A saving of £350,000 was agreed to be reached in City of York Council’s budget over the next two financial years, and multiple bus routes will suffer cutbacks to attain that target.

York Bus Forum believe these cuts amount to just £2 per York citizen, and consider that that money could be better saved elsewhere, with less impact to the public.

A spokesperson for the campaign, John Bibby, told YorkMix that these cuts are likely to hurt those who are already struggling.

“The cuts are a direct result of last year’s vote for a Tory government, so unsurprisingly, the impact will be felt most by the poor and needy – especially people who have no good alternative to buses.

“I would put £2 more on council tax [instead] – or maybe £10 on bigger houses.”

Services affected

Mon-Sat day services

12  19  20
27  36  627
637  647

Evening services

10  11  14

Sunday services

11  12  13
14  16a  19

‘More pollution and isolation’

York buses to stop… Photograph: UnJam York on Facebook
York buses to stop… Photograph: UnJam York on Facebook

There are worries that these cutbacks could seriously affect some people’s ability to attend school and work.

In particular, it is believed that cutting the daytime service of the number 20 bus could leave more than 40 children without a route to Joseph Rowntree School.

And John believes the council haven’t allowed for a fair discourse.

“The council has failed to provide adequate data for a meaningful discussion, and have refused to consider alternatives such as shared taxis, or reduced services rather than removing them entirely.”

As well as the 20, the route of the 19 service also serves an area of the city which is not covered by other bus services.

Cllr Andy D’Agorne of the Green Party told YorkMix there are further environmental and social concerns attached to the cutbacks.

While the council clearly has to make savings it should also think about the extra costs these cuts will bring to the public purse – more pollution, delays for council workers, health problems – as well as greater isolation for the elderly and young people.