Prepare your home for winter – here is how

29 Nov 2019 @ 1.56 pm
| Property

Who doesn’t like winters? They bring along holiday season, the festivity of Christmas and not to forget the luxury of sipping warm coffee while sitting near the fireplace and reading your favourite book for the nth time.

Yes, winters are beautiful, but only until the snow and below minus temperatures don’t start creating trouble in your life by damaging property and obscuring smooth flow of life.

That’s why you need to prepare yourself before-hand to combat with the winter queen’s spell!

Welcoming the winter season without any preparations can turn out to be devastating for you, your home and budget. And nobody wants that!

So, here are some tips to prepare you to welcome this winter season with a wide smile because you will be ready to handle its bounces.

Prepare your heating system:

Nothing is more important than a dependable heating system during winters. You might survive a few days without eating, but not without a fully functional heating system. So, serve your boiler so that it can serve you during the winter season without breaking down in the middle. Call professional boiler service providing company for cleaning and maintaining your boiler.

Buy a boiler insurance:

Despite all the care and servicing, your boiler can still break down amidst winters. Your boiler wouldn’t ask you before going out of order whether you have a budget for repairing it, or not. It will just go off without any prior notification. Until you don’t want to spend cold winters just because you don’t have a budget to repair the boiler, buy boiler insurance.

Corgi HomePlan Boiler Cover can help you spend warm winters, without fear that what if your boiler ditches you? Because you know there is someone out there to ensure your warm and cozy winter season!

Clean your gutters

Gutters are essential to save your home from structural and landscape damage. However, a clogged drain can be harmful to your home!

Remove leaves, twigs, mud and other debris from gutters, which can block them up. Blocked gutters hinder the free flow of snow and ice, and cause ice dabbing. Due to ice dabbing, water starts seeping into the house, causing structural and foundation damage. If you don’t want to shatter the whole structure of your home, clean your gutters.

Insulate your home

Insulation of your home is another significant thing to consider for stopping chilling winds from entering your home. Ensure that your home is well insulated; see if your windows and doors are intact, to prevent heat from going out. Moreover, check out loft insulation as well, but make sure that you also leave a way for ventilation. A well-insulated house not only keeps your home warm but also helps to lower your energy bills.

Clean up your garden

If you are someone with a green landscape – plantation, beautiful trees spread all over – then your yard also needs preparation. Strong winds and snow can easily break off weak branches, which can damage your house, car, or injure anyone. Cut them out! You can’t leave them as it is to handle the winter spell all alone. Clean up the mess to protect your home and family from any severe damage.

Now you know insight into all the tricks that can save you from possible winter troubles (whisper: one or two will surely pounce on you if you do not address them timely). Don’t underestimate the rage of the winter queen and prepare yourself to fight against its spell. Winters are beautiful; let them be!