Police warning to parents after a youngster is hurt jumping into the river in York

The River Ouse. Photograph: YorkMix
1 Jun 2020 @ 7.43 am
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A youngster was hurt jumping into the river in York – prompting police to issue a warning to parents.

Dozens of teenagers have been spotted jumping into the River Ouse in the recent warm weather.

One parent said more than 20 had been leaping off the iron bridge in Bishopthorpe yesterday (Sunday).

Another said youngsters have been in the river “every night near the gate between Clifton Bridge and Rawcliffe”.

Six people and a stretcher

Photograph: Richard McDougall

York West Police issued a statement saying: “We have been busy over the last few days repetitively dealing with young people jumping in the River Ouse.

“Our stance on this and the hazards of doing so are well documented; the dangers of cold water, under currents, bacterial infection, landing on objects, drowning, etc.

“But tonight we have learnt of someone getting hurt doing so; an ambulance being called and it taking six people to lift a stretcher over a stile.

“It goes without saying it doesn’t help social distancing or the emergency services.”

They said some youngster were even swimming underwater under jetties. And they added the river was particularly shallow at some points at the moment, which was one of the reasons for the injury.

The police said: “Please don’t let your children swimming in the river go unchallenged.”