Updated: Police incident on York riverbank brought to a safe end

The emergency services on King's Staith in York. Photographs: YorkMix
21 May 2019 @ 11.23 am
| News

An incident which saw emergency services seal off a York riverbank has come to a safe end.

King’s Staith and the South Esplanade walkway beside the Ouse were sealed off by police after a man threatened to jump in the water.

The incident began at about 9.30am on Tuesday (21 May). Shortly after 1pm it came to an end with the man moving away from the edge of the bank, when police moved in to arrest him.

The York Rescue Boat crew had been on standby on Queen’s Staith, and another police van was also on the opposite bank.

Fire officers were also standing by in a boat.

A man can be seen crouching below the City Cruises sign

One police officer dons a lifejacket

Earlier a spokeswoman for North Yorkshire Police said the incident “relates to concern for the safety of a man who is threatening to jump into the river”.

While the incident was ongoing City Cruises York could not sail from King’s Staith, only from the Lendal Bridge landing.

The safe conclusion is a particular relief as it follows a series of river tragedies in York.

A police van on Skeldergate Bridge
Police on the opposite bank
The man was very close to the water’s edge
An ambulance was on scene alongside police officers and firefighters
York Rescue Boat on standby
The riverside back to normal on Tuesday afternoon