Plan to allow cyclists in pedestrianised street

Bootham Bar looking South down High Petergate, towards York Minster

Cyclists could be allowed to ride their bikes in a pedestrianised city centre street at any time.

People riding bicycles would be permitted to cycle in High Petergate in a southerly direction – between Bootham Bar and Duncombe Place – if council transport bosses give plans the go-ahead.

The proposals would be trialled for six months. Businesses and residents will be invited to have their say on the change.

High Petergate is part of the city centre pedestrianised area, with restrictions to vehicle access between certain times of the day.

A council report says: “During the experimental period relevant road user groups/representatives will be consulted via email or letter, as will residents and businesses based on High Petergate. Temporary signs will be displayed at suitable locations.”

4 thoughts on “Plan to allow cyclists in pedestrianised street

  1. Any trial period normally becomes permanent, It’s only Lendle Bridge that didn’t. If it’s a pedestrian street only confiscate the cycles of those who ride in pedestrian zones during the times of operation. The number of Deliveroo cyclists will be out of jobs having their cycles confiscated would be high.

  2. This is already happening anyway. All legalising it will do is encourage the helmet-cam brigade to race down there, ringing their bells, screaming “:Move, you flipping idiot!’ Wonderful! Just what our tourists want to experience!

  3. Cyclists often use High and Low Petergate in both directions even though they’re not supposed to so there doesn’t really need to be any change in the regulations for them.

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