Pictures: A week after the river peaked, here’s where the waters are now

Play equipment in Rowntree Park. Photographs: Molly Catterall
3 Mar 2020 @ 6.43 pm
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One week ago the River Ouse hit its peak of 4.44m.

The flood levels have been dropping ever since, with the river at 3.05m today (Tuesday), and it is expected to continue to fall slowly.

But three flood warning remains in force. So what’s the state of the areas around the river seven days on?

There’s no water in Museum Gardens, leaving behind mud and silt, but riverside path Dame Judi Dench Walk remains underwater.

The clear-up operation in St George’s Fields

The path on the other side of the river by Wellington Row is now visible after being submerged for days.

Flooding at Kings Staith still reaches The Lowther, but has gone down significantly.

Water laps at the edge of Tower Gardens but has mostly retreated. Now extremely boggy, this area is covered in debris and the paths are extremely slippery.

The mud in Tower Gardens

Council workers have started to clear St George’s Field car park, after it was completely submerged underwater for days. They are using equipment to clear away the mud.

The path from Bridge Street to Millennium Bridge is still blocked by water.

Floodgates remain closed in York and the Foss Barrier is in operation.

On Terry Avenue, water is continuing to be drained from the river to keep water levels down by council workers.

Millennium Bridge: passable with care

From Terry Avenue up to Rowntree Park, the path is clear of water and the council is beginning to hose down the path. But it is muddy and slippery.

The entrance to Rowntree Park is accessible but the park itself remains submerged. The children’s playground and large parts of the area around are flooded.

There is no further significant rainfall forecast but City of York Council continues to monitor the situation.

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