People are urinating in Tower Gardens – even though there are public loos 90m away

Tower Gardens in York. Photograph: YorkMix

People have been urinating in the city centre, councillors have been told.

Councillors Denise Craghill and Claire Douglas say there have been reports of people urinating at King’s Staith and Tower Gardens.

This is despite the toilets in St George’s Field being open – just 90m away from Tower Gardens.

A council meeting was told the issue is a “serious concern” for residents.

Speaking at a meeting this evening, Cllr Craghill said police could use powers to issue on the spot fines to people urinating in public places.

She said: “We are working really hard to resolve this issue. Public toilets are being signposted.

“I understand the police will now take back their powers to implement on the spot fines for uringating in public – they are preparing for this weekend.”

Cllr Craghill also highlighted the issue of littering, saying: “We want to encourage people to come to our city centre and enjoy it.

“We are encouraging people to take their litter away and follow the signs to the toilets.”