Too many people cut short their visit to York because they have to rush back to their cars before their parking runs out.

Now city leaders are looking at ways to change that.

Both pay-on-exit – and technology that would enable more people to top up parking on their phones – are being considered.

As part of a City of York Council meeting about Marygate car park, the possibility of a new payment system and improvements to the city’s car parks were discussed.

New payment system

Marygate Car Park in York. Photograph: YorkMix
Marygate Car Park in York. Photograph: YorkMix
A report prepared for the executive member for transport, Cllr Peter Dew, said work is underway to research a new payment system and produce a specification for tender.

It says: “This will recognise that customers require a parking system that increases dwell time in the city centre and avoid them having to come back to top up their parking, which is a view supported by the York BID.

“Looking forward local businesses and York BID are very keen to see the council adopt a pay on exit approach in its car parks.”

A council officer speaking at the meeting said between 30 and 35 per cent of people currently pay for their parking by phone in the city and that there could be an increase in a “cashless approach” to paying.

The report says the new system could also mean more parking officers are available to monitor on-street parking rather than checking car parks. It says:

  • Officers have consulted with the York BID and its board.

    This has informed the need to a review of what system would suit York while still achieving this pay on exit desire and realising numerous other efficiencies, ranging from reduced staff time in running these systems, more civil enforcement officers covering on street locations and better system integration with other council systems.

‘Terrible state of repair’

Cllr Denise Craghill, speaking at the meeting, also called for the council to carry out improvement works at the city’s car parks.

She said: “When are we going to take a look at our car parks?

“They are all in a terrible state of repair, we need high quality facilities including for those with disabilities and with an appropriate number of parking spaces.”

The report says a funding bid for car park improvements has already been made and, if successful, will cover the costs of a new payment system.

One comment on “Shake-up of York car park payments planned so people can stay in the city longer

  1. Castle car park is a disgrace, some spaces are a foot wider than your car. Pot holes everywhere and if you visit the city on an evening the only spaces left are the disabled ones and no disabled vehicles using them. It seems bizarre, disabled drivers are given permits to park in the street (which they do) so never use the car park at night and they’re always empty. I myself have driven in, looked for a space and driven back out, I’m sure other will have done the same thing. As well as the council losing revenue from the parking the city’s restaurants are also losing out as people won’t drive into the city. It’s a disgrace, not only that it should be free at night to get visitors into the city.

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