One person was taken to hospital after a Uber and a bus collided in York.

The accident happened on Danebury Drive at about 11.30am today (Tuesday).

A woman in the car was taken to York Hospital by ambulance, but details of her injuries are not known.

It happened when the Uber, a silver Skoda, pulled out of Viking Road, witnesses told YorkMix.

The damaged bus after the accident
The passenger airbag was deployed in the accident. The front of the car was damaged, and the bus sustained damage to the front, close to the door.

Danebury Drive was closed for a while after the accident. Buses were diverted along Beckfield Lane.

Marc Bichtemann, managing director at First York said: “We can confirm there was an incident earlier today involving a taxi and one of our vehicles.

“There were no reported injuries on the bus, but we are supporting our bus driver.”

Police at the scene, with the Uber in the foreground


4 thoughts on “Pictures: Woman taken to hospital after Uber and bus collide

  1. It makes me wonder if all of you would moan if that happens to taxi driver from York. Uber is like a magnet for moaning people here. Accident happened, not first and last time! Get over it! Uber is not going away! At least they provide better service (apart when they have accident like this one and don’t moan like some York taxi drivers. Always have a reason to be grumpy and moany bas***ds!

    1. We would report if a York taxi driver pulled out in front of a bus. However there are genuine fears that, due to their lack of knowledge about the city, Uber drivers are making serious errors more often than other road users and so putting people at risk.

  2. yes uber yet again!! they are laughing at us! propa taking the piss, you have only to check out the garage on lawrence st. (any time, night or day and you will find 4-8 ubers waiting (illegally) for students from the many student accomodations in that area! also cruising around town at night, parking and waiting for illegal pick ups! blake st and st helens sq are typical cruising spots for these uber guys. what does york council/taxi licensing do?? nothing! jack shit! wake up the powers that be before theres a death on our roads in york.

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