When King’s Square was revamped a couple of years ago, one vital thing disappeared: visible traffic restrictions.

And as motorists cottoned on it started to be regarded by some as York’s first free city centre car park.

But now it seems, the double yellow lines are coming back.

Since the renovation, problems started early in the morning when delivery drivers parked on both sides, making it hard for traffic to pass through.

The problems have been a constant talking point in the city. This comment by one York resident on Facebook, is typical:

Used to sit in the square for a drink and to watch the world go by with my little one (a family tradition I’m sure many residents share), can’t do it any more always blocked by cars.

– Rachel Colbeck

A traffic-packed King's Square
A traffic-packed King’s Square

Even placing traffic cones on the edges of the square made no difference.

Cosying up to the cones
Cosying up to the cones

Recently the council tried to solve the problem by adding more benches. But motorists have become so used to free King’s Square parking, they all but drive on top of them.

Return of the double yellows

Parking on King's Square in the middle of the day on December 10, 2015
Parking on King’s Square in the middle of the day on December 10, 2015

City of York Council said on Thursday (December 10) that it was to reintroduce parking restrictions on King’s Square.

A council spokesperson said:

Businesses and retailers in the area have been sent details of the changes, which aim to reduce the levels of inappropriate and sometimes dangerous parking occurring in the square.

The most immediate action will see work taking place overnight to reintroduce double yellow lines on King’s Square.

The spokesperson said:

This will not prejudice the review of traffic access in the footstreets, but will mean that parking is not allowed at any time except for disabled badge holders who will be able to park for three hours, providing they do not cause an obstruction.

Loading/ unloading will still be able to take place before and after the pedestrian hours of 10.30am and 5pm.

In the medium term the council will review access for Green and Blue badge holders. The results of that review will go to the executive member for transport in the coming months.

3 thoughts on “An end to this madness? Double yellow lines return to King’s Square

  1. Should do something about the cab drivers flying down colliergate during the restricted hours daily, honking at pedestrians on a pedestrianised road. And the deliveries should be forced to use the loading zones or limited to just one side of the road as crossing and traveling down before the restrictions is very dangerous for pedestrians who can’t see out to cross the road and the trucks are parked on the paths so as not to block the road. Means while walking you have to be against buildings, in the road or constantly dodging vehicles. Can’t see to cross the road and cars can’t see you as the trucks block visibility. Putting deliveries to one side of the road would help that.

  2. The parking restrictions were never removed. Sadly the designers thought that creating a nice attractive pedestrian area would end most of the parking, but without appropriate signing the restrictions were legally unenforceable. What they should have done is just put in place signs as you drive in saying ‘pedestrian zone no parking’ then ticket them all. Would have been far more appropriate than ugly lines everywhere.

  3. One thing to point out, they have not ADDED MORE benches, they’ve just moved the existing ones, there should be more seating in King’s Square, as there is less now than before the revamp.

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