After that row provoked by Boris Johnson earlier this month, the debate about women wearing burqas became very serious indeed.

But one social media star has brought a brilliant sense of fun to the issue.

First Umm Abdullah al-Hasanat posted a very funny video takedown of the former Foreign Secretary, following his claim that Muslim women in burqas resemble letterboxes and bank robbers (see below).

And this week, while in York Station, she posted this.

That is fine fine work. At the time of writing the post has 12K lies and counting.

And if you want to enjoy Umm Abdullah’s riposte to Boris, watch away…

2 thoughts on “A woman wearing a niqab made this great visual joke at York station and won the internet

  1. No place in Western society for this attire, dont know who’s inside, man, woman or terrorist, also many have used it to cover themselves when bank robbing etc. Not acceptable in Great Britain and should be banned.

    1. Islamophobic mantras like yours “should be banned”. The choice is theirs to make, not yours. Making such blanket statements is harmful to individuals and communities.

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