New cycle route planned as part of £173K package to encourage people out of their cars

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9 Jun 2020 @ 7.35 am
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A new cycle route is in the works, as City of York Council prepares to spend £173K of government money to promote cycling and walking across the city.

The cash comes from the government’s emergency active travel fund. To qualify, the council has drawn up a programme of actions to help people ditch their cars and commute on foot or by bike.

The proposed measures include:

  • Extensions to existing Park and Pedal facilities at the Park & Ride sites, alongside a new cycle route from Rawcliffe Park & Ride site along Shipton Road
  • Enhanced cycle lanes on Bootham
  • Improved cycle parking in the city centre
  • Temporary footway widening at pinch points near shops
  • Alterations to signal timings to reduce pedestrian queuing at city centre traffic lights.

The funding will also allow The Groves’s neighbourhood traffic reduction 18-month trial to move ahead more quickly. 

The investment is in addition to the council’s own £500K spend to improve walking and cycle routes announced last month.

Deputy leader of the council Andy D’Agorne said: “With more shops opening next week and other businesses hoping to resume in July, we will be moving swiftly to implement these measures that support a choice for those who can, to walk or cycle to the city centre rather than driving.”

13 thoughts on “New cycle route planned as part of £173K package to encourage people out of their cars

  1. Enhanced bike lanes on Bootham will be great! But good luck implementing this. Simplest and most effective change would be removing all traffic except for vendors and emergency vehicles within the city walls. No more local traffic, taxis or delivery drivers would make going around the city centre much safer. Especially with delivery drivers speeding about while looking at their cell phones.

  2. No point cycling into town as your most likely not to have a bike to ride home,they need to sort secure parking out first.

  3. A link from the end of the current cycle path off Tadcaster rd along Knavesmire rd to join the existing cycle routes on the Knavesmire and thereby onto the millennium bridge orbital route would be of great value

  4. As a cyclists and a motorist living in York, I wish the Council would stop wasting money on Cycle Lanes. Unless and until it’s mandatory for Cyclists to use them, they will continue to be ignored.

  5. The riverside path from Rawcliffe P&R to the city centre floods regularly, is substantially longer than Shipton Road, is narrow, and mixes cyclists with pedestrians and dog walkers. It is not a suitable commuting route. The roads are wide enough for most of the route – but cars take up too much of that space (right turn lanes, parking, central reservations) – and as cars get wider every year, cyclists are endangered, discouraged, and pushed off the roads. This is going to be a major improvement both for P&R users, and for residents in Rawcliffe & Clifton Without.

    1. Cars get wider every year!? Even if you could substantiate that, which I doubt, cyclists and cars don’t travel side-by-side. Bicycles are very slow, cars are fast. Even in a queue, you don’t find cars and bicycles side-by-side (unless it’s some irate cyclist demanding his ‘right’ to undertake under all circumstances and getting stuck). Why on earth does ‘width of cars’ somehow mean we’ve got to buy you a £173k cycle lane?

  6. And is the groves route going to benefit anybody for pandemic reasons ?? Surely misapropriation of funds there ?? These supposed Government surprise funds are for use as described in the piece not for wishfull vanity projects ??

  7. They are going to spend 100k painting white lines along a busy road to create a cycle lane that no one will use because it will be too dangerous. And to add insult do it literally right next to the existing off road sustrans route 65. Yes that gets quite busy with walkers, but only sunny Sundays when you hit the town.

    They should spend money cutting the hedge back on that and having it lead to the city center rather than a dead end. Or fix the dangerous gaps between existing off road routes e.g. Water End & Water Lane.

  8. The council need to look at their own records, there is a very pleasant riverside ride all the way from the P and R site at Rawcliffe into the middle of town. occasionally it is flooded but for 99% of the year it is a lovely ride through meadow land away from traffic fumes. # thousands saved.

    1. Not sure if we are talking about the same stretch (We are Clifton Ings) but I avoid this path due to the under growing roots causing it to be a most uncomfortable ride. I’d sooner take Shipton Road and deal with traffic.

  9. What a deceitful bunch our councillors are. Government money to deal with the coronavirus crisis is being used to push through the nightmarish Groves Neighbourhood Traffic Reduction Trial. Mis-named, of course, as the scheme will vastly increase traffic as local residents and others will be forced to drive through convoluted detours much longer distances to access their homes and other destinations. As they say said in ‘Yes, Minister’, always dispose of the difficult bit in the title.

  10. I don’t know that side of town very well, but wouldn’t a new cycle path through the fields be safer for everyone, and vastly more pleasant, rather than tinkering with Shipton Road and Bootham and just hoping for the best?

  11. The proposed groves route makes it harder not easier to cycle through the groves with the one way system. It forces you on to what will be busier Monkgate.

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