Nearly 60 jobs could go at North Yorkshire Police

The Force Control Room at North Yorkshire Police. Photograph: YouTube
14 Mar 2019 @ 6.58 pm
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North Yorkshire Police is set to cut 57 jobs.

The force is set to make the redundancies as the first part of a cost efficiency initiative designed to save £10 million.

New Chief Constable Lisa Winward backed the Transform 2020 Programme last summer. Led by consultants PwC, she said it would help the force identify back-office savings which could be invested in front-line policing.

The first stage of this four-year process is now finished, and has identified the potential redundancies in the Force Control Room and business support functions.

Made up of around 200 permanent members of staff, the Force Control Room takes an average of 1,200 calls a day. In August 2017 North Yorkshire Police launched a recruitment campaign for the FCR, complete with video.

Staff consultation

North Yorkshire Police Chief Constable Lisa Winward
A spokeswoman from North Yorkshire Police said:

  • The initial scoping stages of the Transform 2020 Programme are complete, and proposals have been put forward to improve efficiency and affordability in ‘business support’ functions and the Force Control Room.

    The proposals are currently out for staff consultation. On the basis of the proposals there could be 57 redundancies.

    No firm decisions on the proposals or redundancies will be made until the consultation has been completed, and the responses have been considered.

She said the force was “doing everything we can to minimise the number of potential redundancies”.

“We are holding a number of vacancies and some new roles will also be created as part of the Transform 2020 process.

“We’re confident that we will be able to offer alternative roles for many of those who wish to remain within North Yorkshire Police.”