Move over David Attenborough! Uplifting York video shows two otters frolicking in the Foss

File photo of otters. Photograph: David Groves / Unsplash
5 Feb 2020 @ 9.51 pm
| News

If you’ve had a hard day, we’ve just the thing to put a smile back on your face.

This great video shows two otters having a splashing time in the River Foss near the centre of York.

It was recorded by the owners of Stay Central York from two of their apartments in Rowntree Wharf, and shared on their Facebook page.

You should play it with the sound up to hear the otters chirruping away as they roll and wrestle their way close to the bank.

The fact that otters are here is a sign that the quality of York’s river water is clean.

To have such a sighting – and to record such good footage – is rare too. According to the River Foss Society: “We know that there are otters in and around the Foss, though reports of clear sightings are few. Most of the evidence comes from field signs and unfortunately from road-kill.”

So this is a particularly heartening display of the mammals very much alive.