Money saving experts in York – ‘like Martin Lewis but without the cameras’

Photograph: CC0 Public Domain
16 Jan 2019 @ 4.31 pm
| Community news

Big Energy Saving Week (BESW) is back to help consumers prepare for the chilly winter months ahead.

And Citizens Advice York would love to help people save money on their energy bills by finding the best deal to suit their needs. “Think of us as like Martin Lewis but without the cameras!” says Janet Thompson, energy adviser

BESW helps people to save money and energy by:

  1. Helping them to check their energy costs and switch tariff or supplier if they are paying too much
  2. Spreading awareness of the advice and support available from programmes like Energy Best Deal extra and the Priority Services Register
  3. Ensuring that people know how to save money and energy by taking control of their usage and implementing energy efficiency measures such as insulation.

Bring your bills

Citizens Advice York is inviting residents to bring along their bills to two local events to see whether they can save money by switching supplier, or finding a cheaper deal with their existing supplier.

They are particularly keen to help people who don’t have access to the internet.

Where and when

  • Sanderson Court Community House, Chapelfields – Thursday 24 January 9am-noon
  • Foxwood Community Centre, Foxwood – Friday 25 January noon-2pm

Citizens Advice can also offer energy saving advice at all our advice sessions across the city

Janet Thompson said:

  • Many people are reluctant to switch energy supplier and will stick with the same company for years, even if they could save money elsewhere.

    Sometimes they think it’s too complicated, they don’t know where to look, or they don’t trust the person advising them to switch.

    Citizens Advice York is here to help.

    We can compare prices and help people switch if they decide to. Some people save hundreds of pound per year – especially if they have never switched before. And it’s easier than they think.