Little Friends plant primroses in York park with the help of TalkTalk

(L-R) Michelle McCarthy and Helen Fletcher from York’s UFO from TalkTalk planting primroses with children from the Little Friends of West Bank Park. Photograph: David Harrison / TalkTalk
4 Mar 2019 @ 8.26 pm
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One of York’s parks will be that bit brighter this year thanks to a community collaboration.

The Friends and Little Friends of West Bank Park planting primroses on Thursday (28 February) to mark the start of replanting the park’s Rose Garden.

The plants were donated by York’s Ultra Fibre Optic (UFO) which is being rolled out by TalkTalk to make it the UK’s first Ultra Fibre Optic City.

The donation to the park is part of a community support programme run by the company during its full fibre network expansion project, to bring lightning fast broadband speeds to 55,000 homes and businesses across York by 2020.

The network build continues in Holgate where some residents can already connect to York’s UFO, joining residents in Dringhouses, Woodthorpe, Foxwood, Chapelfields and Poppleton.

Child-friendly shrubs

The primrose planting comes as roses affected by disease in the Westbank Park Rose Garden are being replaced with plants which will grow healthily and enhance the garden’s wildlife and recreational value.

The planting scheme, created by the Friends of West Bank Park, includes child friendly shrubs, trees and grasses to attract bees and pollinating insects, as well as climbing wisteria and clematis for the pergola.

Marketing manager for York’s UFO from TalkTalk Helen Fletcher said:

  • West Bank Park is such a fantastic place for people of all ages to meet and connect with the outdoors.

    We are delighted to be helping with the replanting of the Rose Garden and giving something back to the community while we complete the build of our gigabit network here in Holgate. We can’t wait to connect residents, as well as see the gardens in full bloom!

Haven for wildlife

A special place… West Bank Park
West Bank Park is a 16-acre haven for wildlife and has host of trails, walks and activities for all ages to enjoy as well as bowling greens, a basketball court and children’s play areas.

The Little Friends of West Bank Park meet every Thursday at 10am in the park and enjoy a range of activities from nature games and crafts, to making things with material found in the park and woods, telling stories and singing songs.

Catherine Heinemeyer, chair of the Friends of West Bank Park said:

  • This is an exciting project for the Park and we are thrilled to have the support of York’s UFO from TalkTalk.

    We are looking forward to transforming the Rose Garden this spring to create an area that everyone can enjoy and which will attract insects, birds and wildlife.

TalkTalk’s UFO network delivers full fibre at Gigabit speed (1000mbs) directly from the exchange into individual homes or businesses; which means you can download a two-hour HD film in several seconds or 100 songs in three seconds, tasks that currently take more than 25 minutes and eight minutes in an average UK home with a standard broadband connection.