Future in the balance: Stonebow House, York. Photograph: Richard McDougall
Future in the balance: Stonebow House, York. Photograph: Richard McDougall

Over the next month, YorkMix is collaborating with the York: Living with History project to bring together lots of different people’s views and perspectives on Stonebow House.

On January 7, 2014, the City of York Council decided to buy the freehold to Stonebow House with the aim of “entering negotiations with the long leaseholder on options for the building and site’s future”.

Although we don’t know when, a decision about the future of Stonebow House is coming. In this series we will explore Stonebow House through the site’s history, from the perspective of its users, as a crucial part of York’s musical heritage (through Fibbers and now The Duchess), using the lens of brutalist architecture and by thinking imaginatively about future uses.

The aim of this series of articles is to help all of us see Stonebow House through different people’s eyes and, through this, to inform a public debate and to begin to explore ways in which we might make any future decisions democratically and together.

We have an event coming up: The Stonebow Inquiry: Past, Present, Future. It takes place on Saturday, April 12, from 11 to 3pm at the Central Methodist Church, St Saviourgate.

To register for your free place visit the inquiry Eventbrite page. Refreshments and lunch are provided free of charge.

This event is part of the York: Living with History project.

Coordinated by University of Leeds, York’s Alternative History and York Civic Trust, it is jointly funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council via the How should decisions about heritage be made? project and the EPSRC Culture and Communities StoryStorm network.