Is this a ghost caught on camera in the York Dungeon?

Is that a face in the top left corner?
21 Oct 2018 @ 5.55 pm
| News

You expect spooky things to happen at the York Dungeon.

After all, its main purpose is to put the willies up visitors in an entertaining way – something it has been doing very successfully for years.

But when the doors are closed to the public and the actors aren’t around… well you expect the scary stuff to stop.

So when a York photographer was on her own taking pictures of a new layout at the Clifford Street attraction, she wasn’t expecting to see anything unusual.

But then she looked at one of her pictures more closely. And it seemed to show someone else was there with her.

New faces

An extract from the photo showing the ghostly ‘face’
A ghostly face could be seen in one corner of the pic.

“You can see the nose and shoulders,” said the photographer, who doesn’t want to be identified. Her reaction?

“Surprised – but still sceptical,” she told YorkMix. “But you do get an eerie feeling at times in the building that makes your arm hairs bristle.”

But the image hasn’t changed her own attitude to ghosts. “Still don’t believe in ’em,” she said.