Inside York Stadium: 31 pictures show real progress ahead of end of year completion

Inside York Stadium. Photographs: Cllr Nigel Ayre on Twitter
16 Oct 2019 @ 7.00 pm
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These pictures show that real progress is now being made in completing the long-overdue York Stadium.

York councillor Nigel Ayre took them on a recent tour of the Monks Cross complex.

He said they showed that the stadium was well on the way for a handover at the end of this year.

Cllr Ayre, executive member for finance and performance at City of York Council, answered some of our questions about the build.

What is your assessment of the progress of the stadium build?
Of course, I share the disappointment of everyone that the stadium is not yet open, but everyone should be encouraged that real progress is happening now at pace.

On my first visit to the NHS floor, I was able to see all the full extent of the consultation rooms, which are now well advanced. These facilities will mark a significant change in what people will have experienced from the old hospital site.

The leisure facilities are also progressing well, as the pool is almost ready to be filled and showers are due to be installed in the changing facilities.

Similarly, the hospitality areas are at an advanced stage and provide a real sense of what matchday experience will be like for fans.

It was equally good to see the new concessions stands across the south and west stands installed, and crucially, these provide a real sense of what the atmosphere will be like at this fantastic stadium.

South east concession, east stand, view from south stand

North East turnstile entrance

What is your impression of the build quality?
The match day experience will be massively improved, with fans being able to benefit from better seating, viewing angles, improved facilities and superior catering etc. Crucially, the new Community Stadium will provide superior disabled access than currently on offer.

Are you able to give any further idea on timescales?
Currently, we are aiming for a handover period to take place at the end of this year, allowing for mobilisation and test events to take place after.

Entrance from the west stand

What do you think York people will think of the finished complex?
I believe that people will genuinely be surprised by the quality of the entire complex. From a football and rugby perspective, some fans will probably have some sense of what it will be like, but I still believe they will be amazed at the quality of the ground we have created in the city.

The biggest surprise, I feel, will be for those who attend to the other fantastic array of facilities on site, from the new clip and climb gym equipment, to the excellent NHS outpatient facilities.

The Stadium Complex will truly mark a step change in what York has had to offer to residents and visitors.

What will be the legacy?
It is a once in a generation opportunity for our city, and once it has been completed, it will become a focal point for our residents and more widely, the region.

Swimming pools with views up to glazed gym area

Showers, changing areas and gym

Community hub, players changing rooms and tunnel

Main hospitality area including kitchen

Smaller hospitality area, directors box and hospitality box

5 thoughts on “Inside York Stadium: 31 pictures show real progress ahead of end of year completion

  1. Absolutely typical of a York city council representative to be talking up a project that has taken a ridiculous & farcical amount of time to plan..argue over …deliberate..dither some more , and then delay after delay a project which could have been completed at LEAST a year ago. Time will tell whether the location is going to be a detrimental factor in attendances, In my opinion , the Knights are going to be the better supported club .

  2. Just a shame it is in the same AWFUL location as the last rugby ground.

    It is too far out of town and too difficult to get to !

  3. Its a building site. What is the capacity ? I understand it wll be 8500 approx – according to a statement made several months ago about a planning application for 400 extra seats.

  4. A very impressive development, which should galvanise both the Minstermen and Knights !
    Disappointing in the over run, but something the City should be very proud of.
    It will be great to see EFL foootball & Superleague there !

    1. It looks miles away from completion. Will be good when finished, but it shouldn’t have taken anywhere near as long as it has to be built

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