Indie York urges you to use them or lose them

25 Mar 2020 @ 1.02 pm
| Business

Indie York represents just over 200 members in our city. As we all know an alarmingly high percentage of these businesses, across all sectors, are facing extremely challenging times at the moment.

Many have had to close for an unspecified period of time and others have quickly diversified to strive to offer their services to their customers. We urge you to keep supporting our Indies.

Many of the chain supermarkets are facing shortages at the moment due to customers bulk buying but you might be surprised to know that quite a few Indies are still fully stocked and can supply their customers with many of the basics that are becoming increasingly difficult to find in the chains.

Indie York

Showcasing York’s fantastic Independent businesses

Quite a few are offering delivery services. They can help you and they need you!

You can find a full directory of our members at our website which will give you their phone numbers and their website addresses.

If you have any queries about any of our member businesses then please email us at [email protected] .