Free business coaching is now available to independent York businesses

Photograph: Coaching York
24 Apr 2020 @ 11.12 am
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Indie York is working with Coaching York who approached them with the offer of free business coaching to their members.

Johnny Hayes, Chairman of Indie York said “This is a time when people who have independent businesses are worrying about what the future might hold.

“We were delighted when we received the offer from Coaching York for free coaching for our members. We are very grateful for this generous offer from over 20 coaches.

“I am sure that people will be keen to be given expert coaching and support in considering future options post the Covid-19 crisis.”

Different perspectives

Coaching York will offer confidential and non-judgmental conversation to help business owners take a step back from their immediate challenges and gain different perspectives on how to respond: how to manage stress, keep their focus on what’s really important, and make the most of the resources they have available.

More than anything coaching gives you space – space to breathe and step away from the immediate challenges of daily life and work.

Indie York

Showcasing York’s fantastic Independent businesses

Coaching York can also help those business owners who are seeking to rebuild. They have found a way to get through the next few months and are in a better place personally.

They are starting to focus on the future – and want to think in fresh ways. Coaching supports them to explore possible futures and to reach the best place to respond to changing opportunities. Coaches support people in working with uncertainty and can help leverage personal strengths.

They’ll give you the space to imagine what’s possible and plan how to get there.

“Coaching York is a social enterprise which has been serving York’s diverse communities for several years. We really value York’s independent businesses – they are crucial to what makes the city special. This partnership means that, as coaches, we can support people right now and help with rebuilding for the future,” says Geoff Ashton, co-chair of Coaching York.

Coaching York is a community of coaches serving the community.