‘I’m only here for MY beer!’ Dame Judi Dench knocks back a can of – Dame Judi Quench

The original picture of Dame Judi Dench with Dame Judi Quench which went mad on social media
12 Nov 2019 @ 6.45 pm
| Food & Drink

After a hard day’s filming, there’s nothing better than cracking open a can of beer with your name on it.

Hollywood and theatre legend Dame Judi Dench is pictured here tucking into a cold can of Dame Judi Quench – the unique beer created in her home city by Brew York.

Walmgate-based Brew York shared the picture across its social media channels, saying:

  • We always love seeing pictures of you guys enjoying our beers but when you get one from a bona fide living York legend it makes you want to high five everyone in the room.

    Just how awesome is this picture?

Quite juicy

The picture in all its glory
One of the founders of Brew York, Wayne Smith, said the beer was created as part of a collaboration with The House Of The Trembling Madness.

“We wanted to do something with a York theme. Then one of the guys at Trembling Madness came up with the name.

“We’re quite big fans of pun-based beers. We really liked the name.”

And so Dame Judi Quench was born – a double dry hopped pale ale, with quite a kick at 5.7% ABV. “Double dry hopped beers are known to be quite juicy – so we figured the quench pun was quite funny.”

A friend of Brew York co-founder Lee Grabham is a relative of Dame Judi and offered to take some cans down the next time he was visiting her at home in Surrey.

Brew York’s co-founders Wayne Smith (left) and Lee Grabham. Photograph: Gavin Aitchison

“She kindly posed for a picture and sent a signed poster back, saying thanks for the beer. She said she enjoyed it,” Wayne told YorkMix.

It is their first big name celebrity endorsement. Earlier this year they brewed Simon Le Mon, a refreshing sour beer, and managed to get some cans of it to Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon, courtesy of his daughter Tallulah who works at Brick Brewery in London.

“But we didn’t get any photos of him drinking it,” Wayne said. “So this is the first time we’ve had a celebrity drinking our beer.”

People on social media loved the picture, calling it ‘epic’ and ‘brilliant’. As one poster put it, “She’s saying ‘Dame, that a good beer!'”