‘I’m Ju-to-the-di’: Dame Judi’s rap with Lethal Bizzle is well dench

Lethal Bizzle (left) and Dame Judi Dench hit the mike. Photograph: YouTube / Lad Bible
14 Sep 2017 @ 9.45 pm
| News

Dame Judi Dench has played an extraordinary range of roles since she was the forgetful angel in the 1951 York Mystery Plays.

But her latest incarnation, as a rap artist spitting out the bars with Lethal Bizzle, must count as her most unexpected performance to date.

Bizzle, who claims to have invented the word ‘dench’ as a new word for cool in 2010, was united with York’s Own™ Dame Judi by entertainment website Lad Bible.

He presented the 82-year-old Oscar winner with a Stay Dench hat before giving her some lessons in rap.

First, she learns the line ‘Anywhere I go gang rolling’, before nailing ‘yeah I’m Ju-to-the-di’.

And no one Pows like our Judi. Look out for her next performance at the Mobos. Stay dench, everyone…