Here are the key bus changes in York

Photograph: YorkMix
28 Mar 2020 @ 2.40 pm
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Bus operators and City of York Council have looked at bus usage over the past week following the lockdown restrictions.

They have been assessing what trips are required for key workers, essential journeys, and to gauge demand levels so services can operate within social distancing guidelines.

Most services are continuing to run, but on a less frequent timetable. Some services will stop where there are other options for travellers.

Specific changes are below.

Park and ride

Park and ride services from Askham Bar, Poppleton Bar and Grimston Bar will cease from Sunday.

FirstYork will take park and ride tickets on adjacent services on their town network (for example, service 12 for Askham Bar, service 10 from Poppleton Bar and Grimston Bar). 

The park and ride services from the Designer Outlet, Rawcliffe Bar and Park and ride will continue to run, although at a half hourly frequency.  The car parks at Grimston Bar and Poppleton Bar will be closed, although the car park at Askham Bar will remain open.  

The Hospital Shuttle Bus from Rawcliffe Bar will continue to run.

Local services

Local services in York will run at a reduced frequency. Most of First’s network will operate at a half hour frequency, with half-hourly services becoming approximately hourly. 

Service 13 (Connexions) will run hourly.  Service 20 every 2 hours, with frequency reductions also on services 24/25/26

Service 19 will cease to operate, although its stops in Rawcliffe and Clifton will be served by the Hospital Shuttle Bus.

CitySightseeing services will not operate.

Longer distance services

Longer distance services are also effected.

Coastliner services are combined with Cityzap and will operate every hour. 

Service 415 to Selby will operate every hour.

Services from East Yorkshire have also been reduced.  Services 22, 30, 40 and 412 will operate but at reduced frequencies.

Full details


  • Service 42 will not operate parish-funded evening and Sunday journeys. Other journeys will run every 3 hours.
  • Service 415 will run every hour.
  • See for latest information.

Coastliner and Cityzap


  • Service 13 will run to an hourly timetable with a later start than normal.
  • Service 16 will run to a Saturday timetable at peak times, with limited service during the middle of the day.
  • Service 412 will run one return journey per day. The return journey operated by North Yorkshire County Council will also continue to run.
  • See for latest information

East Yorkshire

  • Service 18 will run to a Saturday timetable, except for Friday/Saturday evening journeys (after 18:00) which will not operate.
  • Services 45 and 46 will not operate.
  • Services X46 and X47 will run a combined hourly service.
  • Service 747 will run to a Saturday timetable.
  • See for latest information

First York

  • Services 1, 4, 5, 5A, 6, and 66 will run every 30 minutes during the day and every hour in the evening.
  • Services 10, 11 and 12 will run approximately every hour.
  • Service 66A will not operate.
  • Service 200 will run 3 early morning journeys.
  • The Hospital Bus (HSB) will run as normal.
  • See for the latest information.

Park & Ride

  • Services 2, 7 and 9 (Rawcliffe Bar, Designer Outlet and Monks Cross P&R) will run every half hour during the day and every hour during the evening.
  • Services 3, 8 and 59 (Askham Bar, Grimston Bar and Poppleton Bar P&R) will no longer operate from Sunday 29th March until further notice.
  • See Park & Ride for latest information.


  • Services 30 and 40 will run a Sunday timetable on Mondays-Saturdays, with no service on Sundays.
  • Services 29 and 31X will not operate.
  • See for latest information.


  • Services 14, 19 (Saturday) and 23 will not operate.
  • Services 20, 24, 25 and 26 will operate every 2 hours. The late evening service 26 journey will not operate.
  • Service 22 and Castleline will operate a minimal service.
  • See above for Coastliner and Cityzap service levels.
  • CitySightseeing tour buses will no longer operate.
  • See for latest information.

York Pullman

  • Services 21 and 36 will run approximately every 3 hours.
  • Service X36 will not operate.
  • Services 37 and 196 will run as normal.
  • See for latest information.