Get in on, bang a gong! Try two unique musical experiences in York – for free

An extraordinary sound… the Gamelan Sekar Petak set of bronze gongs and chimes
20 Jan 2019 @ 11.12 pm
| Entertainment

Musical experiences like no other are available free during York Residents Festival.

The National Centre For Early Music is hosting two special events for the annual ResFest weekend (26-27 January), which offers Yorkies the chance to visit attractions and try things out for free.

York’s Gamelan Gongs and Lullaby Sonic Cradle offer hands-on fun and creativity in the lovely surrounds of the NCEM’s converted church HQ.

Both workshops are perfect for families, but there is also a second gong session just for the grown-ups.

The gong show

York’s Gamelan Gongs
  • Sat Jan 26 @ 11am-12.30pm (children aged 7+); 2-3.30pm adults
  • NCEM, St Margarets Church, Percy’s Lane, York
  • Free
  • More details & book

Gamelan music, which comes from Indonesia, is played on a stunning array of handcrafted bronze gongs and chimes.

York is home to one of the UK’s oldest gamelan sets, named Gamelan Sekar Petak (white flower) in honour of the city’s white rose symbol.

Now you can try this fantastic instrument in a workshop is run by experienced educator and community musician, Emily Crossland.

Take off your shoes, sit on the floor and start making music!

Lullabies old and new

Photograph: Manasamitra

Join Yorkshire-based South Asian arts group Manasamitra as they set up their Lullaby Booth at the NCEM.

Lullaby – Sonic Cradle
  • Sun Jan 27 @ 11am, 1pm, 3pm
  • NCEM, St Margarets Church, Percy’s Lane, York
  • Free
  • More details & book

The Lullaby Booth is a space into which people of all ages are warmly welcomed, to share childhood songs and stories and to learn new lullabies from other cultures.

During the day, there will be three flexible drop-in sessions (starting at 11am, 1pm and 3pm) which will last approximately 1 hour each.

The lullabies and stories collected in the Lullaby Booth may be featured in a show by Manasamitra at NCEM in May 2019, so if you have a great one to share do come along during Residents Weekend!