Footie fan accidentally runs World Cup shaped route round York and declares ‘It’s coming home!’

Téba's running route round York and the real World Cup. Trophy photograph ©Wikipedia
11 Jul 2018 @ 11.57 am
| Sport

An England football fan declared ‘It’s coming home!’ after accidentally running a World Cup-shaped route around the city.

Writer and keen runner Téba Diatta set off on half marathon around the city on Tuesday (July 10) – and when she checked the route on a map she realised it resembled the famous gold trophy.

“I then had a curry to refuel and my popadom snapped off to resemble the World Cup trophy again,” she said.

“Let’s hope it’s a good sign!”

She shared the news on twitter with the likes of York commentator Guy Mowbray and BBC Sport ahead of England’s first World Cup semi-final tonight, against Croatia.

Téba grew up in the Leeman Road area of York, and founded the charity Running For Life, which provides children in Senegal with educational facilities.

She was also part of the #TeamRough supporters who took part in the Great North Run in memory of Katie Rough.

Téba describes herself as “a massive football fan and being dual nationally was supporting both Senegal and England”.

Meeting the stars

Téba with Wayne Rooney

Her charity work began when she ran more than 200 miles from York to London to raise money for a library in a very poor area of Senegal, meeting lots of players from previous England squads in the process.

These included Wayne Rooney, Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard.

She is travelling down to London to watch the final with other die-hard fans who’ve watched every game with fans from all the competing nations.

“Let’s hope it’s coming home as it’s a long way back to York…” Téba added.