Filming begins on new TV crime drama set in York

Filming in Exhibition Square. Photograph: Vizualize Films on Twitter
10 Feb 2020 @ 5.56 pm
| Entertainment

The pilot of a new TV series – said to be a cross between Jonathan Creek and Scooby Doo – began in York today.

Called The Duke Of York Mysteries it is the directorial debut of Kelli Hollis, who played Ali Spencer in Emmerdale.

It is the brainchild of Huddersfield-based Visualize Films and centres around Sebastian Duke, a health and safety officer-turned-detective.

Featuring John Danbury, The Duke Of York Mysteries is hoping to turn into an eight-part series, with York at the centre of every episode.

Battle scene decapitation

MD of Visualize Films John Danbury. Photograph: David Dunning
Director of Photography Dave Thorp described the set-up of the drama.

“Sebastian Duke sets out in life as a health and safety officer. And he is working on a project, a reenactment of a battle scene in York.

“Something goes drastically wrong. Somebody is decapitated – this doesn’t look good for a health and safety officer.

“But when they start to investigate, they realise that the head and the body don’t match. And so the investigation begins.”

Filming in Exhibition Square
And… action!
By the end of the show Sebastian has decided that he doesn’t want to be a health and safety officer any more – he’d rather be a private detective.

Dave added:

  • It’s been likened to a cross between Jonathan Creek and Scooby Doo.

    Jonathan Creek was full of locked room mysteries – a detective series where it’s seemingly impossible and inextricable, so it must be supernatural. There’s no way around it.

    But like in Scooby Doo, the outcome is always in the last reel – it’s the janitor, there’s always a practical and down-to-earth explanation.

The scene being filmed in Exhibition Square today (Monday, 10 February) was the meeting between Sebastian Duke and the detective sergeant.

“The weather is gloomy and miserable, but it kind of lends itself to the nature that we’re filming here today,” Dave said.