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Yogabomb Birthday Bash: Weekend of Yoga Workshops

Fri, November 9 - Sun, November 11

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We are so excited to announce this AMAZING event! It is Yogabomb’s 3rd birthday so we are offering a weekend of workshops with guest teachers from Yoga Got Hot in Edinburgh. We are opening a new space as part of the studio so this will be an opportunity for you to see the renovations.
Friday 9th November

Prosecco Glow Flow Party

630-930 pm


Yogabomb is turning 3 years old and what better way to celebrate than to PARTY with an amazing glow and flow party with a live DJ, guest teachers from Edinburgh Studio ‘Yoga Got Hot’, and a glass or prosecco or two!

Saturday 10th November

Pow Pow Power

830-10 am


Sweat out your worries and cares as you link movement and breath while strengthening your body in this fun and vigorous vinyasa flow. Awaken your abs, improve your flexibility and fitness while flowing with the music into a state of calm and clarity! Modifications will be offered throughout making this fun class, full of classical poses, accessible to all!

Arm Balance Workshop



This fun and challenging class is about learning practical tools to develop strength, confidence and trust in arm balances approaching them with more stability, mindfulness and ease. In this workshop we will focus on building strong foundation to play around with several arm balances and transitions between them.

Melty Hips – Journey to Splits



This class explores all the preparation poses that will help us to get into Hanumanasana – full front splits. This is a tough one to master and doesn’t come easily to many of us. Can’t do splits? Hate splits? I can appreciate that! However, we all could use with a lot more hip mobility for a healthy and sustainable body, so this workshop is really more about opening the hips – no splits required! Poses such as Hanumanasana is more about tips and techniques rather than pure flexibility, so come, prepared to learn something new about hip openers in general.  This will be a firey yang style vinyasa class laced with long juicy yin hip openers, a real treat for the body and mind. You’ll get to experience new places your own heat and breath can take you. Mentally this is a special practice as you ride the waves of moving through energizing yang flows then diving right into stillness with long yin poses. This practice will challenge you to find comfort in the uncomfortable and teach you how to calm your mind when it wanders.
Sunday 11th November
7:11 Sunday Sunrise – 108 Sun Salutations
7-9 am
Join us as we embark on the time-honored tradition of 108 Sun Salutations. Our yoga Sun Salutations are meant to show gratitude to the sun and bring its energy into our bodies. Participating in this sacred practice will revitalise the spirit and refresh the mind. Collectively we’ll link our breath and movement to create a profound moving meditation. Each round of 27 will have a new intention as we honour our selves, our community, our world and our divinity. As we know, our Sun Salutations warm up our bodies, so 108 of them will be incredibly energizing and challenging. You will create a lot of heat, a natural catalyst for change. Some call it the ‘yogi marathon’, as it becomes more of a mental challenge than anything. This 2-hour led 108 Sun Salutation class is open to all levels. I’ve taught this traditional practice to people who had never done yoga before! Trust, there will be modifications and plenty of time to rest between rounds. It will be guided and the pace will be kept, but as always, we encourage our students to take rest and listen to their bodies at all times.
Heart Opening – Strength and Vulnerability
930-1130 am
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart. Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. Love myself I do. Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart. Join Joanna to open up your heart.  This heart opening sequence combines strength and flexibility to prepare your body to move through backbends with more softness and support. This class will energise and awaken your body and spine.
Attend all classes for early bird price of £90 (book before 1st November) or £100.
Yogabomb Birthday Bash: Weekend of Yoga Workshops
Fri, November 9
Sun, November 11
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6 Bootham Terrace
York, 6 Bootham Terrace York YO30 7DH United Kingdom
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