Top Gear’s May confesses: I was York lurker locker

Why was a trip to York always a locky day for Top Gear's James May? Because he's a rascal and a prankster who's not a berk at all. Check out the video...
Just too funny: James May

Cyclists have never been Top Gear‘s natural constituency.

But now there’s another reason why they might feel aggrieved at the petrol-headed pranksters.

On a recent show James May revealed how he and his mate would lock up people’s bikes at York Station. And then laugh when they tried to ride away and couldn’t.

One of the cyclists at YorkMix has had this happen to him – never at the station, but twice at the cycle parking on High Petergate outside the Minster.

Next time we’ll check behind the wheelie bins for sniggering TV presenters…