Council discovers some York businesses are still open – in breach of lockdown regulations

Shops and restaurants are still closed

City of York Council has received 70 complaints about businesses being open during the lockdown.

And officers have been carrying out drive-by inspections – to make sure businesses are following government measures.

A huge amount of businesses, from pubs and restaurants to gyms have been ordered to remain shut during the lockdown.

Although most businesses have complied, there have been stories both nationally and locally of businesses flouting the orders.

More than 100 complaints have been made to the council about following the lockdown guidance in the past four weeks.

Social distancing

Coney Street in lockdown

Twenty-three were complaints about people allegedly failing to keep social distancing measures and use personal protective equipment.

The council’s public protection team has also carried out drive-by visits to check that the lockdown is not being breached by businesses – with 387 of these inspections already carried out.

A spokesperson for the local authority said two proactive visits had also been carried out.

They said that only a small number of businesses have been found to be breaching the government guidelines and that they have been advised not to carry on.

On 23 March the government told certain businesses they must shut to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Restaurants, pubs and cafes were told to shut – but takeaway and delivery services may remain open.

Online retail is still allowed to remain open.