Continuing your life from home

26 Mar 2020 @ 8.15 am
| Business

York businesses are set to close as UK prepares for lockdown but here’s some suggestions on how you can continue your life from your home.

Ever since the first case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK was reported in York in February, York, the UK and the whole world has found itself under a spell of mass panic stemming from the outbreak of the virus. As self-quarantine and social distancing sets in for the population of York, local businesses are expected to close as the UK government ask people to stay in their homes and only come out for exercise and food supplies.

However, despite the likelihood that we will all have to spend a period of time indoors, it is not all doom and gloom. Thanks to the internet, family and friends are just a click away. Not only that, most of what we can no longer do by going outside the house we are able to do in-doors and online.

Working from home

The UK government announced that they would pay 80% of the wages of employees of UK businesses who decide to close their doors in order to halt the spread of COVID-19. This means that many of us, especially those of us who work with computers, will be working from home for the foreseeable future.

If you are working from your laptop, it would be a good idea to invest in a monitor and HDMI cable so that you can work from two screens. From our own experience here at York Mix, working on a small screen laptop can get strenuous on the eyes. You can easily order a monitor online and get it delivered to your door too. A wireless mouse also comes in handy as well as a separate keyboard.

Restaurants, pubs and bars

As of the 21st March, restaurants across York have been forced to close to the general public Fortunately, restaurants are still able to offer delivery services.

In countries such as the Netherlands and Italy, Michelin start restaurants are offering delivery services meaning customers are able to receive gourmet food to their homes. It is likely that many York restaurants will begin offering delivery options. If you are afraid to go to your favourite local restaurant, do not be afraid to give them a phone call and ask them if they are offering delivery services.

You may no longer be able to go to a restaurant in order to spend a romantic evening meal with your partner, but you can still do this at home.

Like restaurants, pubs and bars around York and the UK are now closed. Numerous European countries as well as many states in the USA have ordered the complete closure of pubs, bars and restaurants and now the UK has followed suit.

There is still a chance that your local pubs or bars will offer some type of delivery service similar to restaurants, but this is unlikely. All pubs and bars in York are likely to be closed for the foreseeable future.

But if you have an alcohol collection, why not look online for a cocktail recipe and make yourself one. Just make sure you don’t become reliant on them once weeks of quarantine pass by.

Entertainment centres, bingo halls and pub poker

Mecca Bingo (Fishergate) and Clifton (Clifton) Bingo Club have now closed as have all pubs which means pub poker leagues have been delayed. There are alternatives for Bingo and poker players.

For starters Facebook offers free to play Texas Hold em poker games. You can even play with and against your Facebook friends. If you are still keen to wager and win money though, many casinos have moved their poker tournaments online.

The teams behind numerous online poker sites are working together with their partners in order to host online poker tournaments in aid of pandemic charities. Groups in York have also been set up in order to help people affected by the pandemic.

Bingo websites are also available online, Gala Bingo, who sponsor The Chase television show hosted by Bradley Walsh, offer you the opportunity to play bingo online.

Supermarkets will remain open

Even though quarantine and lockdown methods have been enforced in the UK, you will still need to go outside at time for new supplies which are likely to include fresh fruits and vegetables. If you have a local fruit and vegetable shop near you, or a corner shop, the owner of the store will be extremely happy for your custom. Without a doubt, small York shops will see a huge decline in customers for as long as COVID-19 threatens the United Kingdom.

The York Shambles market located on Silver Street is one such place you can buy your fresh produce from. Although the market was forced to close last Tuesday, the York council gave it the go ahead to re-open two days later. It was announced today that the Shambles Market has been closed to all but essential fresh food traders – so you are still able to pick up your essential food supplies. Other supermarkets will remain open – there is no need to panic buy.

Volunteering: How you can help

Although the government have given what can only be described as mixed message in recent weeks, there are ways in which you can help out. There are plenty of people in York who want to give what they can during these hard times – click here to find out how you can volunteer in York.