Clinical waste – including a bottle of urine – dumped at York nature reserve

The waste dumped at Little Hob Moor. Photographs: Stephen Fenton
20 Sep 2020 @ 4.48 pm
| News

Another bag of clinical waste has been dumped next to a litter bin by Nelsons Lane at Little Hob Moor in York.

On 26 August volunteers from the Mayfield Community Trust found a bag next to the bin near to the Nelsons Lane playground.

This was reported to the council’s Neighbourhood Enforcement team who undertook to investigate the matter.

Waste dumped on 26 August at Nelsons Lane

Then on 18 September local Lib Dem councillor, Stephen Fenton, was contacted by a resident about a bag of clinical waste that had been placed on top of the litter bin on Little Hob Moor at the entrance to the railway underpass.

On further inspection, items including used incontinence products and a urine bottle had been placed in the bin itself.

A local resident has also reported that used incontinence products have been found dumped on Hob Moor in recent weeks.

This latest incident has again been reported to the council’s Neighbourhood Enforcement team to investigate too.

Councillor Fenton says one possible scenario is that a resident is being cared for at home and is struggling to safely dispose of clinical waste, leading to it being disposed of inappropriately.

They may be unaware that the council can offer help with clinical waste collection – further information here.