Classic films and modern music lined up for York venue’s exciting new season

Kings of comedy… Laurel and Hardy
8 May 2018 @ 11.36 am
| Entertainment

Film folk, folky film and folk and film are must-see events this spring at the National Centre For Early Music.

Film now has a regular presence on the NCEM seasonal programme, and the venue has become recognised for not only forming part of the Yorkshire Silent Film Festival, but for hosting welcoming and comfortable evenings with live performance and film viewing in an atmospheric setting.

  • These events all take place in the beautiful home of the NCEM, St Margaret’s Church on Walmgate, York

Film 1 – Another Fine Mess!

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Sunday 13 May @ 4pm

£10 (under 16 £5)

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Part of a double bill of silent film during the 2018 Yorkshire Silent Film Festival.

Featuring the greatest comedy duo of all time, this Laurel and Hardy triple-bill represents three of their craziest short films of all time.

Accompanied by a live band, the programme includes Battle of the Century, which features the biggest custard pie fight ever filmed!

Certificate U, 70 mins

Film 2 – Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans

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Sunday 13 May @ 6.30pm

£12 (students £5)

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A gorgeous silent film with live music by harpist Elizabeth-Jane Baldry.

The great German director FW Murnau, creator of the unforgettable Nosfertau, was lured to work in Hollywood in 1926 and the result was one of silent film’s masterpieces.

An intimate, emotionally complex story combined with beautiful camerawork won Sunrise three Oscars at the first Academy Awards in 1929.

With the live accompaniment, this is silent film at its most sumptuous and dramatic.

£12 (students £5) 95 mins. Certificate U, 95 mins
Joint adult ticket for both silent films: £18

Film 3 – AnDa Union: From the Steppes to The City

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Saturday 9 June @ 11am

£7 (£5 conc) including coffee and cakes

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As part of the Festival of Ideas the NCEM is showing AnDa Union: From the Steppes to The City, directed by Sophie Lascelles and Tim Pearce.

This follows ten young musicians as they make a 10,000km journey through the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, revealing the secret of the roots of their haunting and beautiful music.

This is a rare insight into a forgotten land and nomadic life on the furthest edges of China, home to more than six million Mongolians.

It celebrates their music and culture, from wild parties to moving stories of their sacrifices. Haunting throat singing and long song with horse head fiddles and two-stringed lutes bring to life this powerful and ancient music.

Certificate PG, 90 mins. Subtitled

Folk – You Are Wolf

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Friday 8 June @ 7.30pm

Tickets £14 (£12 concs, £5 under 35)

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Composer, singer and University of York graduate Kerry Andrew is You Are Wolf with multi-instrumentalist Sam Hall and percussionist Peter Ashwell.

Together they explore traditional songs and stories through bold arrangements influenced by leftfield pop, new classical music and electronica, and featuring music from their new CD Keld.

This is their second album and comes from an old northern English word meaning ‘the deep, still, smooth part of a river’.

If you are under 35 or a full-time student – you can get to see a number of concerts and events at the NCEM this season for just £5!