Chinese-style karaoke lounge planned for York – complete with soundproofed booths

Photograph: Forja2 Mx on Unsplash

A new karaoke bar with soundproofed booths could soon open in York.

The karaoke lounge could be created behind the Little Asian restaurant on Lawrence Street – and the application says it would create a “much-needed social place to for the many Chinese university students living in and around the area”.

There would be five sound-proofed karaoke rooms created behind the restaurant.

The application says: “Socialising for the Chinese community is very different to typical UK students of a similar age. They prefer a long sit down meal over many courses in a restaurant with friends then move to the karaoke lounge for a singsong, as a private party.

It adds: “The normal English style of karaoke is to sing stood vertically very loud in front of all the full pub in large areas so all the pub can hear them sing.

Little Asia on Lawrence Street. Photograph © Google Street View

“The Chinese style is very different and is sung in a much more relaxed manner in small groups of, say, three to six friends sat down in comfy seating in small individual sound proof booths/rooms, these will all be fitted with tamper proof noise limitation devices.

“The booths are designed so the occupants of one booth can not hear any sound from the adjoining booth.”

The application, submitted by MBE Limited, says opening hours will be 12pm to 3am and three jobs will be created.