Big jump in coronavirus cases confirmed in York

Photograph: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire
3 Apr 2020 @ 6.00 pm
| News

The latest figures show a big increase in confirmed coronavirus in York.

The number of officially verified cases in the city has gone up to 57 Public Health England revealed today (Friday, 3 April).

That’s up from 36 yesterday – an overnight increase of 58%.

In North Yorkshire, there are now 193 confirmed cases – up from 163 yesterday.

Here are some of the key figures, with yesterday’s stats in brackets:

  • Total UK cases: 38,168 (33,718)
  • Daily confirmed UK cases: 4,450 (4,244)
  • Total UK deaths: 3,605 (2,921)
  • Confirmed cases in York: 57 (36)
  • Confirmed cases in North Yorkshire: 193 (163)
  • Confirmed cases in East Yorkshire: 72 (56)

‘Money no object’

Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who has himself recovered from coronavirus, said the government was committed to undertaking 100,000 tests a day for the virus by the end of April.

“I’ve got a plan to get us there. I’ve set it as a goal. It absolutely is what the nation needs,” he said.

Mr Hancock said “money is no object” in the UK’s coronavirus fight.

Asked about whether the Government should have expanded the use of other laboratories for testing more quickly than it has done, he said: “I’m sure there will be lots of discussion about what could have been done differently and we’re constantly asking the question what can we now do better? That’s the question that matters.”

He told BBC Breakfast: “One of the things that we can do more is harnessing the companies that aren’t traditional testing companies and making sure that we give every possible support to those who can expand testing.

“Money is no object here, what matters is getting the country out of this situation as quickly as possible.

“The historians can crawl over what we’ve done. All I can say is hand on heart at each stage I’ve done everything I possibly could, but then new ideas come in and new thoughts come forward.”