Advertise in YorkMix

With a monthly readership of more than 100,000 unique users and nearly 2 million hits in 2016, YorkMix is the best place to advertise our business online in York.



monthly unique users


1.9 million

page views 2016



FaceBook likes

Our audience is engaged, enthusiastic and local

Advertisers include


Display advertising

This works really well for offers – such as ‘kids eat free’ or early bird menus – and events, such as sales or open days.

In-post advertising

These adverts are inserted into every story on the site, except ‘hard’ news stories.

They are high visibility and draw the readers’ attention to your business.

They are also perfectly placed to be seen by readers who read via Facebook or Twitter. If a story goes viral, your advert will be visible within it.

You will be one of just 20 in-post advertisers across the entire site. Each advert is displayed the same number of times, and gains the same amount exposure.

We can provide information, such as number of clicks and number of people who have seen your advert during its time live.

Two pence per view

We guarantee your advert will cost you no more than two pence per view – just £90 inc. VAT per month.

Advert artwork size is 450 x 300 pixels in size and 72ppi resolution.

yorkmix in-post advertising example

Feature advertising

You can promote your story or business with a YorkMix feature advert for just £60 inc. VAT per week.

Feature adverts are shown randomly in rotation as part of a slideshow containing no more than three stories or promotions. Your advert appears near the top of the homepage for maximum visibility on laptops, phones and tablets.

It can link to your story or promotion on YorkMix or your own website or Facebook page. New boosts are uploaded every Monday morning.

The artwork can be supplied by yourself or created by YorkMix. It must be exactly 714 pixels wide by 510 pixels deep.


Partnership editorial

One story, preview or even a competition. The stories will typically contain up to 500 words, 3 images and 1 embedded video.

Each package is tailor-made with the help of YorkMix and full creative options are available.

Your story will stay live for six months. It will appear in the ‘run of paper’ as engaging content, alongside regular stories as well as featuring in the ‘Partnerships’ highlights spread throughout the site.

Story or preview to be shared at least once on Facebook and Twitter.


Small print

Please note that all prices quoted above exclude VAT unless otherwise stated, where applicable, at the prevailing rate.
All promotions must be paid for in advance, prior to publication.