Abandoned and deserted: 20 photographs inside York’s old Rowntree factory

A reminder of times past… Photographs: Exploring The North on Facebook
11 Feb 2020 @ 5.18 pm
| History

Looking at these pictures, it’s hard to imagine that this buiding once thrummed with industry, overseen by thousands of city workers.

They are all taken inside the old Nestlé Rowntree factory which created its final chocolate treat a long time ago.

The photographs are the work of Exploring The North – an urban explorer who chronicles derelict places – and shared on their social channels last week.

Production moved from this building in 2006, as modern methods allowed the global firm to produce more confectionery with fewer people in a newer home on the same site.

This five storey building was built in the 1930s. As Exploring the North writes: “In 2009, planning permission was put in for a residential redevelopment, with demolition of most of the site commencing shortly afterwards. However to date no construction has begun.”

The pictures act as a last look at a place which was so important in the life of the 20th century city.

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