A city centre doorway being ‘used as a toilet’ is set to be blocked off

The problem doorway is to the right of the Toni & Guy salon. Photographs: YorkMix
25 Apr 2019 @ 7.42 am
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A shop doorway is set to be redesigned to stop it being used as a toilet.

The doorway is recessed to the right of the Tony & Guy hair salon on Blake Street. It leads to the floors above including flats above.

New owners of the building Shipton Estates say the doorway ‘reveal’ is a magnet for anti-social behaviour:

  • Unfortunately the reveal attracts people who use the area as a toilet.

    The reveal also has become a popular location for those sleeping rough in the city.

Letter from tenants

There are flats above the salon
In support of their planning application to screen off the doorway and add a new glazed door, the owners submitted a letter from tenants of the flat above the hair salon.

In it the tenants wrote that every day a homeless person was sleeping in the doorway, who they had to wake up and move so they could leave the building and lock the door. They added:

  • People use the doorway each night.

    There is urine, vomit, used needles, rubbish and duvets. Someone has to clean it up and they are usually me and the other tenants.

    I am hoping that you can find a solution to this major problem.

The building was designed post-war and is believed to date back to 1950.