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57 stunning drone shots of York that show the city from a whole new angle | YorkMix

57 stunning drone shots of York that show the city from a whole new angle

Astounding… a view of the river taken by Matthew King
9 Jul 2018 @ 7.25 pm
| Entertainment

These astonishing photos mean we can look down on the city like one of the peregrine falcons that live on York Minster.

They are all the work of Matthew King, a photographer whose drone shots are showing the city off from a whole new angle.

Matthew King’s photos

Matthew, 34, works in the audio visual specialists Wall Of Sound at Bishopthorpe. He was born in York but grew up in Malton from the age of 7, moving back ten years ago.

We asked Matthew a bit more about his remarkable pictures…

How did you get into drone photography?
I’ve loved photography for around a decade now and enjoyed the progression from using a camera phone to point and shoot to DSLR. With the improved quality of images that consumer type drones can produce and the idea of a completely different view point and composition I took the plunge.

What equipment do you use?
For aerial photos I use the DJI Phantom 3. I also have a reasonable collection of DSLRs, GoPro, even film SLRs which I do still use (film isn’t dead!)

What have been your favourite places to photograph?
Besides York, I’ve enjoyed taking photographs in Krakow, Auschwitz-Birkenau, London, our own Yorkshire coast is breathtaking as well as some other hidden gems within North Yorkshire.

Is York a particularly good city to photograph?
Most definitely, there’s all kinds going on visually in York. You obviously have the history with the Minster, Clifford’s Tower, Museum Gardens, Shambles and Stonegate etc – but there’s also a lot more in York other than the usual tourist hotspots.

Places like Rowntree’s Wharf, Bootham Crescent, the racecourse, the nuclear bunker, Bishopthorpe Palace, the Odeon and even Clifton Bingo. That’s the tip of the iceberg the list can be as long as your arm.

In my opinion it’s virtually impossible to take a photo of a scene in York that isn’t interesting, we have beautiful buildings, admittedly some in their own unique way, all around us. I never go into town without a camera!

What reaction have you had to your pix?
I generally get a good reception when I upload pictures either on Flickr, Instagram and into some groups on Facebook.

York from the air