5 important facts about grass fed meat

10 Jan 2020 @ 9.56 am
| Food & drink

More and more people are now being conscious on what they eat. Although it has been around for the longest time, many people do not know that there is a distinct difference when it comes to grass fed meat.

Now that there are several healthier options available in the market, it allowed people to reap the rewards of their choices in the long run. If you are not yet aware about free-range or grass-fed meat, here are some important facts you may want to know.

Grass-fed meat provides more of the healthy fats.

Apart from being leaner, the minimal fat produced by grass-fed meat is considered to contain high levels of healthy fats. The delicious meat from Morton’s Traditional Taste, which have been known for their commitment to provide healthier meat options, is quite a popular choice for people who need to stay away from unhealthy fats. Thus, making grass-fed meat the healthier choice for people with heart problems, those trying to slim down, athletes, or even just regular people that want to enjoy meat without the underlying risks. Grass-fed meat significantly reduces the unhealthy fats, but is still a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are important to combat inflammations and can even help you lose weight.

Grass-fed meat is a good source of antioxidants.

Grass-fed meat is known to be rich in glutathione, which is a form of protein that eliminates free radicals within the cells. As a result, the cells have the ability to repair itself faster, and prevent DNA damage in the long run. Grass-fed meat is also high in superoxide dismutase and catalase, which are known as powerful antioxidants.

Grass-fed meat is packed with vitamins and nutrients.

Vitamin E can easily be sourced from grass-fed meat because grass-fed meat had three times more vitamin E compared to grain-fed meat. In parallel, grass-fed meat is also packed with vitamin A which greatly helps maintain healthy eyes and skin. Still, grass-fed meat has higher levels of other vitamins and nutrients compared to grain-fed produce.

Grass-fed meat has a different taste.

More and more people prefer grass-fed meat because not only is this a healthier option compared to grain-fed meat, it also tastes better. For some reason, grass-fed meat seem to taste sweeter, making a dish cooked with it more savory and palatable. In parallel to this, grass-fed meat usually creates a tender cut because of the fat that naturally melts into the lean portion of the meat.

Grass-fed meat supports the natural biodiversity of the earth.

Biodiversity simply refers to the natural variety of organisms living on the planet. By nature, there is a symbiotic relationship between these organisms, particularly between grazing animals, plants, and other wildlife. Grass-feeding supports this natural biological diversity, encouraging natural species to stay on their habitats, keeping the ecosystem balanced and healthy. Thus, it can be deemed that grass-fed meat is considered to be more environmentally friendly.

Organic produce, free-range meat, as well as grass-fed meat has several benefits for your health compared to chemically treated produce, caged meat, as well as grain-fed meat. You will tend to notice the effect of the choices you make as you age, which is why it is important to make healthier food options while you are still able and young, and not when it is almost too late and that you are really left with no other choice. Venture out into healthier options such as ensuring that the meat you consume is grass-fed because for sure, you will reap the results of your choices in the long run.