24 of the funniest and most creative A-boards in York

There's a lot of creativity gone into York's chalkboards… Photograph: Richard McDougall

Now that York council has voted to ban A-boards from the city’s streets (except, peculiarly, the street of Micklegate) we must mourn the loss of a creative industry.

For years, small business owners have been amusing and entertaining passers-by with their slogans, puns and observations set out in chalk on these pavement promotions.

Here’s a few we have spotted. If your favourite isn’t here, drop us a line with a pic and we’ll add it in.

A tale of two streets


Gibson’s Bar on Micklegate defines the differences between two of York’s indie streets.

Monday blues


From the Beliebers at Cut And Chase on Goodramgate.

God’s own A-board


Fossgate’s Blue Bell on regional pride.

Otterly silly


The first of our dairy-based puns from Love Cheese on Gillygate.

What every girl wants


An entirely innocent suggestion for Valentine’s Day from Shambles Kitchen.

Dead good


There’s never too much of a good thing at Christmas, suggests Mannions on Blake Street.

Double the fun


Another cheesy joke. Be warned, it’s not the last one.

Safety first


Some security advice from Newgate Coffee Bar.

To brie or not to brie


This time Love Cheese has gone all Lionel Ritchie…

Romance isn’t dead


Gibson’s Bar goes heavy on the romance.

TV treat


Honesty is the best policy at the Pig & Pastry on Bishopthorpe Road.

Note perfect


Love Cheese channels Mariah for Christmas.

Horror story


The Fossgate Social knows its movies.

Rootin’ tootin’


If that doesn’t make you thirsty…

Rhyme time


Bennett’s Cafe on High Petergate readies the mint sauce.

On a winner


Who needs Michelin stars? Not Café 68 on Gillygate.

Morning after


A sign for sore eyes at the Pig & Pastry.

Chemical reaction


The Fossgate Social goes all Breaking Bad on your ass.

Viral hamster

Hamster pic © Good Free Photos
Hamster pic © Good Free Photos

When Jerry Ibbotson tweeted out this Pig & Pastry sign, it was re-tweeted 3,000 times.

Better than a brolly


Before this Love Cheese sign was washed away it read ‘Eating cheese keeps you dry in the rain’ (with the rider ‘may not be scientifically accurate’).

Hair raising


And this is how Albert became a genius. True story, according to Belle’s Bouffe on Bootham.

Getting your oats


The Pig & Pastry’s take on the battle of the sexes.

Summer celebration


Some wonderful chalk work at City Screen.

Spooky verse


Circles Café on Lendal Bridge gets poetic for Halloween.


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  1. As a man who can’t see so well ( Yes…I’m blind) I’ll be glad to see the back of them. As humorous as I’m told they are I’m forever sick of tripping over them. Along with the bikes tied to railings, punnets of oranges, and tables and chairs left outside coffee shops occupied by somebody having a leisurely sunday morning latte whilst reading the observer and thinking they embodiment of an episode of friends…A boards are one of the bains of my life!

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