Video and new pix: Tadcaster Bridge collapses, another victim of the floodwater

This is all that is left of Tadcaster Bridge.

Its partial collapse happened on Tuesday night (December 29) as the stone structure succumbed to a raging torrent formerly known as the River Wharfe.

Onlookers watched in horror as large sections of the 18th century bridge slipped into the river.

The bridge had been shut because of safety fears.

After its collapse at about 5pm, the police and army evacuated houses and businesses in Tadcaster. Residents were taken to an impromptu rest centre at Tadcaster Grammar School.

The bridge collapse also ruptured a gas main. Engineers from Northern Gas were called out. In a statement the company said:

The damaged section of main ran along a bridge which collapsed due to the swollen River Wharfe.

We are isolating the gas supply at either side of the bridge, which will eliminate any potential safety risk.

A small number of local properties will lose gas supply as a result. However, all these properties have already been evacuated due to earlier flooding or the bridge collapse.

Police cordons remain in place
Police cordons remain in place
Northern Gas engineers worked to make the rupture main safe
Northern Gas engineers worked to make the rupture main safe

The cordon was lifted on Wednesday afternoon (December 30) after the gas leak was fixed. Residents were allowed back to their homes but the bridge remains shut.