Diary: York ‘has the most unfriendly staff in Britain’ says restaurant survey

And we thought we were a chummy bunch.

Not according to a survey by online restaurant booking company OpenTable. According to their poll of 2,000 diners, York “has the most unfriendly staff” in the country…

To make matters worse, we are among the stingiest when it comes to restaurant tips. At an average of £4.10 our gratuities are only out-misered by Bristol (£4.05) and Cambridge (£3.97).

Yorkshire was revealed as the region most likely to never leave a tip, with only 1 in 5 (20%) stating that they would leave a gratuity.

In addition, more than half of diners from Yorkshire (51%) admitted they had asked for the service charge to be removed from a bill – more than any other region in the UK – unsurprising as those polled considered York to be the UK city with the least friendly staff.

OpenTable press release

York’s shame in infographic form
York’s shame in infographic form

What do York’s restaurant’s staff think? Let us know. Politely, mind…

Some MPs wait for years for their first monstering by John Humphrys. For Rachael Maskell, it happened within a week.

Six days after triumphing in York Central – increasing the majority of the seat held for so long by Sir Hugh Bayley in one of Labour’s rare election night highlights – Ms Maskell appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

She was there with Aberavon’s new Labour MP, Stephen Kinnock, son of former party leader Neil. It was meant to be a gentle probe as to what it’s like to be the newbies at the House Of Commons.

She was lobbed a simple opening question by arch interrogator Humphrys – “You don’t even know who your leader’s going to be – does that make it more difficult for a new MP?”

Perhaps due to nerves, Ms Maskell ignored the question and decided to make a party political broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party.

“I think the real thing is we’re very focused on what we need to do in this government. We know that we’ve got £30 billion of cuts coming down the line which is going to decimate our public services – “

By this point Humphrys had had enough.

“Now don’t repeat your stump speech,” he barked. “Tell us about the difficulties of being a new MP. That’s really what we’re talking about.”

Ms Maskell then talked about getting down to the business of electing a new speaker and representing her new constituents.

When it was suggested that the Labour Party lost because it didn’t represent people’s aspirations, our MP was having none of it.

“I think we had quite an exciting agenda moving forward,” she said.

So exciting, indeed, that it moved Labour forward into their worst electoral defeat for nearly 30 years…

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