Tipping’s Tipples: Wine of the Week – an irresistible Aussie

Truly Irresistible Mount Benson Shiraz


Truly Irresistible Mount Benson Shiraz 2013

There was a time when you could nip down to the supermarket and grab a bottle of drinkable Aussie shiraz and get change from a fiver. Sadly, those days are gone unless you hunt around and perhaps pay a little more.

I don’t think many affordable Aussie reds taste like they used to do. I remember them as big, spicy and a tad sweeter than their stuffy Old World counterparts with unpronounceable names.

£6.99 at the Co-op


Such vinous bargains had their uses, especially at barbecue time paired with a well-garnished burger, bread bun and chips.

All hope is not lost however as the Co-op stocks an Aussie red under its own label, Truly Irresistible Mount Benson Shiraz 2013, and gives its wicket away cheaply at £6.99.

Bold and peppery, its sweet-edged blueberry and bramble fruit mingles nicely with hints of vanilla oak.

Mike Tipping

Mike Tipping

Mike Tipping has been writing about wine on a regular basis for 12 years now. From his York home Mike has travelled widely in pursuit of wine, visiting vineyards and wineries and meeting winemakers, as far afield as Chile but mainly in Europe.